Tooth Extractions for Braces

tooth extractions for braces

There are certain types of tooth and bite problems that are better treated, in the short and long term, by having some teeth removed. Learn 3 of the most common reasons that orthodontists may find extractions necessary.

How Do Braces Fix Overbites?

how do braces fix overbites

Most people may know that braces CAN fix overbites—but most have no idea HOW. Read this article where we discuss 4 specific ways that overbites are corrected with braces.

Forsus Springs – A Patient’s Guide

Forsus Springs

You may be wondering what to expect with Forsus springs, so this article answers what Forsus springs are, how they work, and all the details you need to know.

The Patient’s Guide to a Quad Helix Expander

quad helix expander

A quad helix is an appliance that is used to expand or widen out the upper teeth. There are several different types of expanders that orthodontists may use, but the quad helix has a few unique features.

The Complete Guide to Self Ligating Braces

Self Ligating Braces

What are self ligating braces? This article will break down the definition and uses of self ligating braces, the specific benefits of self ligating braces, and why you might consider choosing self ligating braces for you or your child.

Getting Braces On The Upper Teeth – 4 Things You Must Consider

top braces

Many adults feel that their bottom teeth don’t show very much, and they’re curious if they can get braces on upper teeth only. The top teeth definitely show the most when we smile, so it makes sense that we’d care most about having straighter teeth there.

Do Braces Hurt?

do braces hurt

While there is some discomfort involved with getting braces, this article should help alleviate any concerns you may have about braces pain in general.

How to Put Rubber Bands On Braces

how to put rubber bands on braces

Rubber bands with braces may seem difficult, but with a few tips and tricks from this article, you’ll know how to put rubber bands on braces in no time.