The Complete Guide to Invisalign

The complete guide to Invisalign

The perfect guide to help consumers considering Invisalign make the best decisions about their orthodontic care.

Find answers to your questions about Invisalign and learn how you can make the best decisions without making mistakes or getting ripped off.

Why Read This Guide About Invisalign?

You may remember the original Nintendo game system. Perhaps you played on it as a child…

While many may remember and appreciate the original Nintendo gaming system, hardly anyone still uses them today. Why?

The technology is outdated and it takes too much maintenance to keep it in playing condition. It was a struggle to keep it working even when they first came out!

Whether it was blowing dust from the cartridge, replacing controllers, or wiggling the cables, it took some effort to make these things work.

If you or your child were to play video games today, you’d likely elect to use the latest console, a lightning-fast gaming computer, or even play thousands of different games on their smartphone.

Braces and Invisalign are much the same.

Braces were the original method of straightening teeth, and like the original Nintendo console, they still work…

…but there are now new and updated methods for straightening teeth that have dramatically changed how people get a straight and healthy smile.

With Invisalign, we have more options than ever to deliver a customized, personalized solution to fix any tooth or bite problems you or your child may have.

But just as owning a smartphone doesn’t make you an expert photographer, there’s no replacement for the expertise and care of a skilled orthodontist.

Invisalign, like photography, takes time and experience to master.

Novice users or mail-order aligner solutions will likely leave you with a less than perfect result. In many cases, the final results could be quite dangerous to the health of your teeth.

Invisalign cannot come “in a box” or “off the shelf.”

It is a 100% customized system made for each patient, along with your orthodontist’s customized treatment plan. So, in other words…

… you definitely don’t want someone learning on the job or experimenting when it comes to your oral health!

Getting Invisalign Is More Affordable Than Ever

Another benefit of Invisalign? The cost! Its price tag is comparable to braces and in some cases, may actually cost less!

To put things in perspective, Invisalign treatment today costs less than the one-size-fits-all, metal-mouth braces of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s.

Plus, with the many financing options available, most will spend more on coffee runs this month than they would pay for an Invisalign payment plan.

And while coffee’s great, it is not as important as the long-term health of your teeth.

braces cost as little as a cup of starbucks per day

If you’ve been putting off Invisalign worried that it would break the bank, or make you skip your next family vacation, I will tell you to relax.

Most orthodontists offer interest-free payment plans and other payment solutions so you can avoid having to shell out one lump sum.

When it comes to Invisalign treatment time, and time in the dental chair, Invisalign wins too. Getting Invisalign is often a much-faster process than braces and requires fewer overall appointments…

…and that means more time to take care of the other important things in life, while still getting incredible results.

So if you’ve been putting off Invisalign to avoid endless hours in a waiting room and months of appointments getting in the way of work, school, and other activities, you don’t need to worry.

Straight Teeth are Not Just For Looks

Here is a fact many people do not realize: getting a straight and healthy smile is more important than just cosmetics alone.

Crowded or spaced teeth or an unhealthy bite can be creating an even bigger problem you’ll have to deal with down the road…

It’s like having an old or damaged roof on your house. Sure, it doesn’t look nice but the bigger problem lurks beneath the surface… 

…you can only ignore it for so long before eventually you end up with a costly, time consuming repair that could have been avoided.

Why Having a Straight and Healthy Smile is So Important

  Straight teeth function better in day-to-day life, are easier to clean, and are less likely to need future, costly dental work.
  People with well-aligned teeth and no spaces are at lower risk for gum disease, which can lead to serious health problems.
  A healthy bite reduces the risk of jaw pain and clenching and grinding that can lead to headaches, migraines, and chipped or cracked teeth.
  Both kids and adults with great smiles feel better about themselves, and that can greatly increase their confidence in their personal and professional life.

Tooth and bite problems, when ignored, will get worse with time and more expensive to correct.

Let’s Face It - First Impressions Matter

Like it or not, your appearance will affect the first impression someone gets of you.

For example, individuals with straight teeth are 45% more likely to get a job than someone with similar qualifications and crooked teeth.

One third of Americans indicate that a person’s smile is the first thing that they notice and the facial characteristic that they remember most after meeting.

The way we look and present ourselves has a big impact on how we are perceived in our jobs, with our families and in everyday life.

Adults with straight teeth are 57% more likely to get a date and are judged as being…

…than those with crooked teeth.

While it’s true that looks aren’t everything…

…studies clearly show that adults with straight and healthy smile are at an advantage both professionally and personally.

What You Will Learn In The Complete Guide to Invisalign

The Complete Guide to Invisalign is an in-depth but easy-to-read way of proving two things to you:

  1. Invisalign shouldn’t make you or your child nervous
  2. You don’t need to be rich or have a ton of money saved away to afford it.

The Complete Guide to Invisalign also gives you the tools to make the correct decisions once you know that you or your child’s teeth need attention.

This guide will answer virtually all questions you may have about Invisalign (and in plain English, NO medical jargon).

Read this guide and we guarantee you’ll be a very informed patient going into your next appointment with an orthodontist……

…and you will be able to correctly and confidently make the correct choice about starting Invisalign for you or your child.

What You’ll Learn

In each chapter, we’ll cover the key aspects of what you need to know about getting Invisalign, including…

will Invisalign work for me?

Will Invisalign Work For Me?:

Invisalign used to have a reputation for working only “some of the time”. We’ll show you how Invisalign has improved and can now correct nearly any tooth or bite problem.

How Much Do Adult Braces Cost

Can I Afford Invisalign?:

Like the price of a car, the price of Invisalign can vary widely from one doctor to another. We’ll show you what you can expect to pay for Invisalign, and whether the bargain brands are a good choice.

how do i find the right Invisalign doctor for me?

How Do I Find The Right Invisalign Orthodontist For Me?

Each doctor will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to identify the best Invisalign orthodontist for you or your child.

how long does invisalign take?

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Some people may need Invisalign treatment for a few months and others may need a few years.  We will present every possible timeline and give you indicators to help you discover where your teeth and bite may fit into that range.

The Complete Guide to Invisalign is grouped into topical chapters.  Though you can jump around, it usually makes the most sense to read the chapters in order.

At first glance, Invisalign trays may just look like a small piece of plastic…

But the truth is, there’s been over 5 million patients treated with Invisalign and about 20 years of research that went into perfecting this little piece of plastic.

It has never worked better or been any easier to improve  your smile. Click here to learn how Invisalign works.

Not all orthodontic bite problems are created equal. Just like no two people are ever quite the same, tooth and bite problems tend to be different for each person.

Years ago you may have heard “Invisalign doesn’t work”, or a dental professional may have told you, “Invisalign can’t fix your bite.”

At the time, that may have been true, but after 20 years of research and over 6 million patients treated with Invisalign, it has been proven to fix overbites, as well as most other tooth problems. Click here to learn more about what types of bites Invisalign can correct.

You’ve probably heard that Invisalign works for adults. But what may surprise you is that kids as young as 7 years old can also get Invisalign.

You’re probably thinking: Invisalign for kids? My kid won’t wear them. I definitely won’t be investing this kind of money on something my kid will just just take out or lose.

Not every child, teen, or even adult is a perfect candidate for Invisalign. Find out in this chapter whether it’s best choice of you or your child.

Should you pick the cheapest Invisalign orthodontist? Does it really matter which doctor you choose if they’re all using the same product anyway? Is it safe to use one of the “do-it-yourself” mail-order Invisalign companies?

These are all good questions and we will answer each one in this chapter.

Once we find an answer to “Will Invisalign work for me?” the next question someone typically has is,  “How long does Invisalign take?

While each situation is different, there are some general estimates for treatment length out there that will give you a good idea of what to expect.  We will cover these details in this chapter.

Ok, let’s talk about money . . . No one really likes to talk about it, but for many it’s the deciding factor on whether they start Invisalign treatment or not.

Like most medical and dental procedures, quality Invisalign treatment isn’t “cheap”, but, with the advice provided in this chapter, you can learn how you can comfortably afford Invisalign treatment for you or your child.

If Invisalign is such an amazing experience, why does anyone still choose braces? Like most things in life, there are “different strokes for different folks”.

Invisalign may not be the perfect option for every person or situation. There are, in fact,  pros and cons to Invisalign treatment. In this chapter we will explain each one.

At Premier Orthodontics, Invisalign can do some amazing things…

…see for yourself with five before-and-after Invisalign photos from actual Invisalign patients treated at Premier Orthodontics!

So, you’re finally finished with Invisalign and ready to live life with a perfect and healthy smile, right?

Well, we still have one more thing to discuss. Retainers might be the most important part of the Invisalign process when it comes to your long-term health. Read this chapter to discover what you need to know about your Invisalign retainers and what to expect from life after Invisalign.

Many have questions regarding what to Expect at an Invisalign Consultation—Which is exactly why we wrote this chapter!

We’ll attempt to answer the most common questions as we walk you through the typical Invisalign consultation visit.