Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistRuben Fierros
Dr. Coles is a fantastic orthodontist who cares about his patient well-being. It’s a great feeling to look forward to every appointment. I have complete confidence in Dr. Coles and his staff and have recommended him to my friends. My mom recommended orthodontist, Dr. Coles to me and it was the best decision of my life. I am highly satisfied with my care and treatment!

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistMaryam I.
If you are looking for a great orthodontist and treatment, then Premier Orthodontics is the best place to be hands down. The staff are always friendly and welcoming. The environment is always calm. Dr. Ty makes sure he explains what he is doing. I can’t forget Rosette! She is always nice and works gracefully. The entire staff are just so great. They make you feel at ease from the moment you step into the door. I always looked forward to my next appointment. I first went in for a best alternative to treat my lower crowding. After 17 months I am happy to say that i got my braces off today and I am so excited! special thanks to Dr. Ty, Rosette and the entire Staff of Premier Orthodontics!

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistAnnette P.
I can’t say enough good things about premier orthodontics. The staff and orthodontists are amazing. They explain step by step procedures and I completely trust them. I can’t Thank them enough for what they’ve done for me!

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistErika L.
This office is awesome, friendly staff and orthodontist. I love the free cookies and coffee. I’m going to recommend this place to all my friends and family.

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistDana P.
Dr. Coles and his staff are caring and professional! I would definitely recommend this office for any orthodontic needs. My son, daughter, and myself are former and current patients. State-of-the-art office with wi-fi, water and cookies in the lobby. It’s a pleasure coming here!

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistKevin M.
From the consultation until the completion of my daughter’s treatment, everyone at Premier was awesome to deal with.  They even squeezed us in when we showed up on the wrong week for our appointment.  There was literally no issues during the entire process.  They communicated everything clearly and we’re always very professional, supportive, and flexible.  I can’t recommend them enough, they are the best!

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistC.F.
Our experience at Premier Orthodontics has been amazing so far.  After four consultations at local orthodontists, our daughter began treatment with Dr. Coles. He immediately made her laugh and feel comfortable.  Earning points on the Coles Cash Card has been very motivational to our daughter!  Stephanie has been a pleasure to work with and has gone above and beyond for us every step of the way.  The staff overall are very warm, happy, and welcoming. The office aesthetics are also very inviting.  We get the feeling each time we are there that they truly care for and appreciate their patients.

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistCharley B.
Completely different experience then I had as a child at my orthodontist. My daughter is excited to go to her appointments to get a cookie, points on her Coles card and see all the girls, I was never excited to see a dentist. She also had her oral surgery done here and they did an amazing job.  Its refreshing to have a place that really cares in our small town!

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistA.A.
If at first you don’t succeed (or don’t wear your retainer) try Premier Orthodontics! I decided to try Invisalign this go around after the staff gave me straightforward 🙂 information about all my treatment options. They worked great with both my insurances and I settled the rest quickly through their easy Orthobanc automatic payment system. The office is always clean, and even though there is open seating in the patient area, I never felt uncomfortable. Staff has a friendly disposition, especially Rosette who always remembered me and made me feel right at home. Invisalign was the right choice for me and when a couple stubborn teeth just didn’t want to get in line, the Dr. kindly said, “Treatment isn’t over until you’re satisfied!” That being said, I had four weeks in clear braces and now I’m very proud of my smile! The longer treatment didn’t cost me a penny more! Straightening unruly teeth is never fun, sometimes painful, and despite the embarrassing food that gets stuck in your brackets, I’m glad Premier Orthodontics took great care of my smile!

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistAlexis
Okay, this is by far the best orthodontist anyone can go to. Stacey, the girl who did my braces today, is amazing! She’s really cool and funny. Other then that everyone there is really friendly and I really recommend this office! Go ahead, visit them!!

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistCarrie V.
It’s good, the workers are nice and friendly. They make sure your comfortable.

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistMichelle U.
We love Premier Orthodontics. My son’s dentist told us he wanted to pull 4 teeth, but first he sent us to see Dr. Coles at Premier Orthodontics. Dr. Coles said that pulling teeth was not needed and put my son on a 3 phase orthodontic treatment. My son is 8 months into phase one with just a few months left. His teeth are looking amazing. He has such a gorgeous smile already; I can’t wait to see him braces free.

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistJacob K.
I have been going to Premier for a while now, and I have to say that the great care they have shown me is unmatched by any other office I’ve ever been in. I get one on one attention and they listen to what I have to say! I would tell everyone I know to come here, they serve cookies, and coffee or tea, and giggles, and it feels like I’ve spent a few minutes of my day with family and friends.

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistAdam V.
This place is fantastic. As soon as I came in everybody made me feel welcome and at home. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Impressively clean facility. Highly recommended, definitely will have my whole family and friends come here.

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistAsia C.
The orthodontists and staff are great at Premier Orthodontics! I’d definitely recommend their office to everyone for any orthodontic care. Thanks Premier Orthodontics for my beautiful smile!!!

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistRaiza I.
Dr. Dustin and Tyler Coles are the best orthodontists. The office has fresh baked cookies! The treatment for my braces is outstanding. I highly recommend these orthodontics specialists.

Top Rated Arizona OrthodontistMichaela F.
Dr. Coles is a great orthodontist and I would recommend anyone to his office. I am very satisfied with my results with them!!!

*The reviews on this page are from actual patients of Premier Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

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