Services Offered at Premier Orthodontics

Premier Orthodontics offers world class braces and Invisalign services at prices you can comfortably afford. Learn more about our services below, and use our online scheduler to reserve your FREE smile analysis.

  • Children should get an orthodontic consultation by their 7th birthday.
  • Not all kids will need braces, but all should be evaluated to determine if and when braces might be required.
  • Click below to learn what moms and dads need to know about making decisions about their children’s orthodontic care.
  • At our office we treat a lot of adults…
  • With clear and invisible braces options available...
  • ...more and more adults age 20 – 75 are finally getting a beautiful smile that they love!
  • Click below to learn more about what to expect about getting braces as an adult.
  • No longer are metal braces required for a straight and healthy smile...
  • Invisalign makes it easy to get a perfect smile without metal brackets or wires.
  • For many Invisalign works as well as braces...
  • ...and sometimes it’s even the best option!

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