The Parent’s Guide to Braces for Kids

The Parent’s Guide to Braces for Kids

The perfect guide to help moms and dads confidently and correctly make decisions about their child’s orthodontic care and getting braces for kids.

Find answers to your questions about braces for kids and learn how you can make the best decisions for your child without making mistakes or getting ripped off.

Why Read This Guide About Braces For Kids?

To start, it’s not the 1980’s anymore.

If you look at the history of orthodontics, there were some heavy, ugly, tight and painful metal braces in the past.

Braces used to be hard to put on, hard to keep on, painful to remove. They also used to look as uncomfortable on a kid’s face as they certainly felt.

So if you think your child might need braces in today’s world, you can take a deep breath…. The experience won’t be anything like it was when you were a kid. They won’t even try hiding under the bed and have to be dragged kicking.

Not only has everything about braces changed…

…we now have a large number of options to get the best, customized, personalized answer to your child’s needs.

After all, getting braces should never feel like ordering over the counter: “Hey, give me braces. How much?”

Each situation is unique….

…and technology today makes it possible for the solution for your child to be lighter, safer, and easier to clean.

Today, not only are braces for kids not as painful, but they achieve a perfect, healthy smile with more accuracy and in a shorter period of time than ever before

Getting Braces For Kids Is More Affordable Than Ever

So if you think your child might need braces in today’s world, you can take a deep breath…. The experience won’t be anything like it was when you were a kid. In fact, they’ll cost as little as one Starbucks stop a day for a year!

braces cost as little as a cup of starbucks per day

There are also a number of different payment plans if needed. So, that hurdle is a lot lower than it was when our parents used to look up at it.

It’s not going to hurt your bank account; so if the thought of paying it out in one lump sum or having to sacrifice a family vacation next summer is stressful, just know that getting braces for your kids won’t put you or your family in that situation.

The old cliche ‘time is money’ is still true…

So if you’ve been putting off a braces appointment for your child to avoid wasted hours in a waiting room and endless appointments getting in the way of soccer practice, we want you to know that your experience will not be like that.

We make sure our initial appointment is thorough and worth your time, without wasting it.

premier orthodontics five-star reviews

“Premier Orthodontics worked with me as a single parent to find a payment plan I could afford. The dreams of beautiful smiles for me and my kids were always out of reach until I met Dr. Coles!”

—Jennifer D Casa Grande, AZ.

Braces Are About More Than Just Straight Teeth

My next message is: braces for kids are about more than just straight teeth.

Orthodontic care for a child, preteen, or teen is more than just correcting crooked, crowded teeth with braces…

That’s like thinking about getting your tires checked might be a good idea AFTER being stranded with a flat at night with pouring rain.

This is also about more than just braces because it impacts psychological and emotional health, not just oral health.

Why Braces for Kids Are Important

Straight teeth function better, are easier to clean, and are more likely to last a lifetime.
People with straight, well-aligned teeth can avoid gum disease, which has very serious health ramifications.
Properly aligned jaws reduce the risk of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), which can ruin sleep or cause chronic headaches or migraines.
Both kids and adults with great smiles feel better about themselves, and that can greatly increase their confidence.

Some parents put off orthodontic treatment, but these irregularities and problems do not heal themselves. This isn’t acne. There’s no growing out of it. The problems only grow worse and harder to resolve with age.

Don’t Ask Them to Hide Their Smile

Hiding your smile isn’t easy in an age of selfies and social media. Children can become self-conscious and embarrassed.

Self-esteem affects everything from getting good grades and going on first dates, to enjoying their childhood and teen years.

About The Parent’s Guide to Braces for Kids

Getting braces for your kids shouldn’t be scary or intimidating. You don’t need to have a PhD in child development to know the right time to get started. You also don’t need to be rich to afford it.

The Parent’s Guide to Braces for Kids give you the knowledge in plain English (no medical jargon, we promise).

Read this guide and we guarantee you’ll be much better able to ask smart questions, be informed, and…

…correctly and confidently make good choices about braces for your kids

What You’ll Learn

In each chapter, we’ll cover the key aspects of what moms and dads need to know about braces for their kids, including…

what age should children get braces

When to Get Started With Braces For Kids:

We’ll outline the problems to watch for in growing children and how you can tell when your kids should get started with braces.

the best braces for kids

What Type of Braces
to Pick?

Not all braces are created equal. Learn the differences and discover which type would work best for your child.

how to find the best orthodontist for your child

How to Find an Orthodontist For Your Child?

Just like not all braces are created equal, each doctor will have their own strengths and weaknesses. Many that won’t be ideal for your kids. Learn how to identify the best doctor for your child.

why some kids should get braces early

Why Some Kids Need
Early Treatment:

Some kids need braces as early
as age 7. Others can wait until
13. Find out why certain kids
need braces early.

We’ve organized The Parent’s Guide to Braces for Kids in a logical progression. Though you can jump around, it usually makes the most sense to read the chapters in order.

There are very legitimate and clearly visible reason why some kids, as young as seven, need braces. Not all kids need braces, and certainly not at the same time.

Click here to learn the different reasons kids need braces plus the warning signs to watch for.

Certain tooth and bite problems can only be corrected in a growing child. That means once they have passed their narrow window of growth, the treatment gets harder and usually costs more.

What could take just a few months and a short round of orthodontic treatment to correct in a young child may take years and invasive surgical procedures to correct as an adult.

Here, you’ll find out when is the best age to get braces for kids.

I’m busy. More appointments? Do I really need to get orthodontic check-ups to get braces for my kids?

Don’t worry, these are all reasonable questions! Find out the major differences between choosing an orthodontist vs a dentist – and what will be the best choice for your kids.

What is a reasonable cost for braces?

Braces aren’t cheap and are a significant investment. Learn all the tips and tricks to maximizing insurance, FSA, HSA, and other programs that can help you afford braces for kids.

If you’re like most people, you associate orthodontics with braces. But these days that is just one arm of what an orthodontist does.

Some kids will benefit from braces. For others, Invisalign is a better fit.

Find out the pros and cons of both and learn if braces or Invisalign would be the best choice for your child.

Orthodontics is more than just braces. In addition to braces or Invisalign, your child may require an orthodontic expander or some other type of appliance.

Learn why some kids need orthodontic expanders or other appliances and how these appliances for your child’s bite.

Braces for your kids is not going to be anywhere near as difficult as you might imagine.

Learn the simple instructions to help your kids keep their braces clean plus avoid orthodontic emergencies.

You’ve learned all about braces for kids, the next step is learning what happens after the braces come off.

To keep your kids smiling and keep their teeth straight, orthodontic retainers are essential.

Learn what to expect with your kids’ orthodontic retainers.

Many questions surround your first visit to a new orthodontist when getting braces for kids.

In this chapter we walk you through the typical first office visit, from the initial appointment forward so you can have an anxiety-free experience from start to finish.

Here’s the next step…