What to Expect At A Braces Consultation For Your Kids

What to expect at a braces consultation

Many questions surround your braces consultation with a new orthodontist, which is why we made the focus of this particular chapter: What to Expect at a Braces Consultation For Your Kids

To answer this very common question…

…and perhaps several others you might not even realize you need answering yet…

…we will walk you through the typical first office visit.

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1. First, schedule your free braces consultation with Premier Orthodontics

You can click here to schedule your appointment online. Simply use our online schedule tool and you can pick the day and time of the office nearest you.

2. Upon arrival at your braces consultation, you will be greeted by one of our treatment coordinators

The treatment coordinator is fully prepared to make everything from the first appointment to an entire treatment program go smoothly for you and your child’s braces consultation.

Your treatment coordinator will be yours, to manage your relationship with us, from appointment scheduling for your convenience to answering questions.

At the initial braces consultation, your treatment coordinator will review your child’s patient information and health history and/or any concerns regarding your child’s smile you may have.

3. The orthodontist will conduct a “Customized Smile Analysis”

This is a thorough orthodontic exam, including teeth, mouth, jaws, and face. Typically, safe digital X-rays are taken of the teeth and surrounding bone and of the jaw structures.

Your orthodontist will present his or her “report of findings,”

…this will be a brief presentation in plain English (not medical jargon) of the full state of your child’s teeth, mouth and jaws.

The orthodontist will explain any present or anticipated problems that may require orthodontic treatment.

If your child needs braces, your orthodontist will offer recommendations and options. This will be an individualized, personalized plan of treatment…

…not “braces in a box, off the shelf.”

After this report of findings, you will know:

4. We answer all of your questions and concerns

There are no dumb or embarrassing questions. Of the countless patients who have visited our offices for a braces consultation, every one of them had questions!

We do not want you or your son or daughter just nodding, then later wondering, “what did he mean by that?” or saying “I wish I’d asked about …”

This is not one of those “I’m the doctor—trust me—just do what I say because I said so” offices.

Most questions will have been answered by the orthodontist’s report of findings, but it’s a lot to take in…

…so, any and all questions you have should be asked and answered at your braces consultation.

Our goal is not just a healthy, attractive smile but also your anxiety- free comfort from start to finish.

5. We explain the costs of the prescribed treatment program and discuss payment arrangements

Assuming your child needs braces, the next appointment after the braces consultation will be the installation of braces and/or other treatment.

In total, you should allow about thirty minutes for the initial consultation and braces consultation.

If braces are needed, and you decide you are ready to begin treatment, you may have the option of beginning treatment that same day or return on another day to start treatment. Typically it takes about 45 minutes for the installation of braces.

Your son or daughter deserves a careful, thorough, and anxieties-eliminated experience. You want to make the best decisions for them.

“The staff and doctors at Premier Orthodontics are amazing! Two of my children just finished braces and their smiles are beautiful! I highly recommend them to everyone! Can’t wait to see the final results of my next two!”

Schedule a Free Orthodontic Consultation For Your Child

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At your initial exam and consultation you’ll discover: