How Long Do Braces Take?

How long do adult braces take?

Once the question of money is covered , the next #1 concern that adults have with braces is “How Long Do Braces Take?”

While each situation is different, there are some general estimates for adult braces treatment length that will give you a good idea of what to expect.

How Long Do Braces Take? Well, It Depends...

Every mouth is different. Each person possesses a set of unique teeth and bite problems, each requiring their own custom plan to treat it. The total treatment length of any person in braces will vary widely based on where they start.

In general, limited treatment — or when we are fixing just a couple of teeth –might take as few as three months. If the patient is needing a comprehensive treatment plan that includes tooth and bite correction, that may take up to two years.

Most patients fall somewhere in between these two extremes…

Let’s look at a few examples below to help answer this ever-important question: “How long do braces take?”

How Long Do Braces Take? - Example 1

Patient 1

This patient…

actual patient of Premier Orthodontics
teeth shifting from not wearing a retainer

…and now he wants them straight again.

His bite was good and the upper teeth were already pretty straight. This patient completed orthodontic treatment in just 3 months and his teeth were completely corrected.

actualy patient of Premier Orthodontics
length of treatment was very short

Because we didn’t have to change his bite or worry much about his upper teeth, the length of treatment was very short.

Now let’s take a look at an extreme example…

How Long Do Braces Take? - Example 2

severe crowding

This patient had…

…plus several other tooth alignment issues.

This patient was treated with a combination of braces and Invisalign in just under two years at Premier Orthodontics and finished with a fabulous result that looked like this.

actual patient of Premier Orthodontics

How Long Do Braces Take? - Example 3

How long to adult braces take
How long to adult braces take

This patient had…

…plus several other bite issues

He had always wanted braces but his parents couldn’t afford it. When he was in his forties, he decided he could fit braces into his budget and he finally got the smile he’s been wanting.

He was treated with braces for 2 years at Premier Orthodontics and after he had some dental work to repair the damaged teeth, his smile looked like this.

How Long Do Braces Take

Based on these three very different examples, you can see that the answer to “How Long Do Braces Take?”…

…really — depends.

Do Braces Take Longer For Adults Than Children or Teenagers?

Kids and teenagers’ teeth generally move faster than adults. This is just biology– teeth, when in the growing phase, tend to move and shift more quickly.

The age of the patient, however, isn’t the only factor that determines treatment length. There are times that adult braces can take less time than children or teenagers.

The length of braces treatment may be extended for children or teenagers…

Because adults have their full set of teeth and their jaws are finished growing…

…and most adults are better at brushing their teeth than kids…

…the total treatment length of adult braces (on average) is actually less than braces for kids.

How Long Do Adult Braces Take Compared to Invisalign?

Some tooth and bite problems may be treated more quickly with traditional braces—others will be better treated with Invisalign.

The type of tooth and bite problems that are treated more quickly with braces would include:

For most patients, the length of treatment will be relatively similar whether they use braces or Invisalign. Teeth move at a certain rate in your mouth…

…regardless of the type of material moving the teeth.

As you have probably noticed,“How long do braces take?” is a difficult and complex question to answer.

It is typically only when a patient is seen for a consultation that one can know for sure how long braces will take. That’s why we offer free consultations at Premier Orthodontics

…you can get your questions answered and understand the time commitments required!

Now that you better understand how long braces take, let’s talk about how to properly take care of braces once you get them.

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