How Much Do Adult Braces Cost?

How much do adult braces cost?

It’s time to discuss the BIGGEST REASON most adults don’t go through with braces: money…
The cost of braces might be the only reason that some people put off getting started. And many adults didn’t have braces when they were kids because their family didn’t have the financial means.
Orthodontists are a lot like you. We have families, budgets, regular expenses, and we know that all expenses need to be considered carefully.
Quality orthodontic treatment isn’t “cheap”...

But, with the advice in this chapter, you can learn how to comfortably fit braces into your budget.

What Is a Reasonable Cost for Adult Braces?

The cost of a treatment program for adult braces varies greatly. It can range from $1,500 to $6,000 depending on the treatment required and the estimated treatment time. For most adults, however, it falls somewhere in the middle. Click here to learn more about the cost of braces at Premier Orthodontics.

When you adjust for inflation, braces now actually cost less than braces did when you were in junior high.

Plus, when you consider the health problems you’re preventing, you’ll see that paying for braces now one of the best investments you can make.

Consider the following…

The cost of “getting by” with tooth and bite problems may end up costing you 20X the investment of traditional metal braces.

When you consider price of braces, here is everything else that the treatment fees typically cover:

Adult Braces Are More Affordable Than You Think

Most patients who expect adult braces to stretch monthly expenses to the limits are pleasantly surprised to learn just how easily it fits into their budget.

With the interest-free payment plans available for adult braces in our office, your monthly payment could be as low as $97 per month.

While no one likes to add another monthly expense to their budget, most spend more money each month on things less important to their health, including…

By eliminating or cutting back on even one of the expenses listed above, you would likely free up the funds necessary for adult braces.

Most can look at their credit card statement, eliminate a few frivolous automatic monthly charges, and free up the money required for adult braces–without hardly noticing a change in their lifestyle.

Once the adult braces treatment is paid off, you can go back to doing what you were before while this time having the peace of mind that your teeth and oral health will be improved for life!

The truth is, most adults will spend more on Starbucks runs this month than would be required to pay for adult braces.

braces cost as little as a cup of coffee per day

By eliminating some unnecessary expenses and a little bit of caffeine (for just a little while) you can invest in your health, your self-confidence, and your quality of life! 

Health Spending Accounts (HSA) / Flex Spending Accounts (FSA)

If you have a Health Savings Account with money accumulated, you can absolutely use that to cover the cost of adult braces treatment. If you don’t have an HSA or are unsure of how to start one, you can find information online at

HSA and FSA account can be used to cover the cost of braces

Some employers allow employees to set aside pre-tax dollars in a Flex Spending Account. These funds can be used to pay for medical procedures such as adult braces treatment.

In many workplaces, employers will match FSA contributions!

Check with your employer to find out if an FSA is available through your workplace.


When it comes to insurance, there are so many different types that it’s difficult to speak to them all…

But in general, dental insurance policies (with adult orthodontic coverage) will cover “some” of the cost of adult braces.  Not all insurances have orthodontic coverage for adults—so you would want to check with your employer.

If you already have insurance through your employer or through a spouse’s employer, it will likely pay for a portion of the cost of adult braces.

Most of our adult braces patients don’t have insurance that covers orthodontics

…yet we find that most actually *save money* by using our in-house financing options rather than paying additional insurance premiums for fuller coverage.

We always find ways to make adult braces treatment affordable with or without insurance.

If you have insurance that covers adult braces treatment our team will personally look at your insurance plan and discuss all your options at your first consultation.

In-House Financing

Most of our patients choose to take advantage of our in-house financing and payment plans to cover the cost of adult braces.

With our interest-free financing you don’t need a credit check, you won’t have to fill out extra paperwork, and you won’t feel the burden of seeing the price total increase with each month not paid in full.

Premier Orthodontics offers zero percent interestpayment plans

With plans starting at $97 per month, we make sure that the cost of adult braces can comfortable fit into nearly any budget.

There’s no doubt about it; quality adult braces treatment isn’t cheap.

But by closely examining your monthly expenses…

…and by taking advantage of our interest-free payment plans…

…nearly anyone can comfortably afford the cost of adult braces.

Now that we have the cost of Invisalign out of the way, let’s discuss how long braces take.

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