The Results Are Real: Invisalign Before and After—Five Patient Stories

Invisalign before and after

At Premier Orthodontics, Invisalign can do some amazing things...

...see for yourself with five before-and-after Invisalign photos from actual Invisalign patients treated at Premier Orthodontics!

Richard’s Invisalign Before-and-After Story

When Richard first came to our practice he told us that he had always wanted to fix his teeth.  He had grown up in Taiwan and his parents couldn’t afford braces when he was young.

He was really self-conscious about his teeth before seeing us, and would never smile in photos. Due to his self-consciousness about his teeth, he really didn’t want braces.

Richard got started with Invisalign in our practice and…

…after just over two years…

…Richard wasn’t embarrassed to smile anymore!

Invisalign Before and After Case #1

Richard told us how much he enjoyed his experience with Invisalign. He told us that “Invisalign is so easy! It takes almost no effort.”

It was at about the time that Richard completed his treatment that the Invisalign company was asking for all Invisalign doctors to submit their most difficult case into the “Invisalign Case Shootout” competition.

The Invisalign Case Shootout competition is a competition that Invisalign holds every two years. Invisalign doctors from across North America submit their hardest cases…

…then, all other Invisalign orthodontists in North America will vote on two factors:

  1. Which case was the most difficult
  2. Which case had the best treatment result.

We submitted Richard’s case to the competition, and were thrilled to be selected as one of four finalists.

The doctors of Premier Orthodontics were invited to the Invisalign national users’ meeting at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. Dr. Dustin Coles made a presentation to the group of over 3,000 orthodontists.

After all of the attendees cast their vote, Premier Orthodontics was crowned the Invisalign Case Shootout Champion and named the #1 Invisalign practice in North America!

Premier Orthodontists Voted #1 Top Invisalign Doctors

Barbara’s Invisalign Before-and-After Story

Barbara first asked about Invisalign when she was bringing her grandkids in for their braces adjustments.

She told us, “I really don’t like how my teeth stick out. Is there any chance I could get this fixed at my age?”

Barbara had braces back when she was a teenager (and back when braces were still the only option) but was never really happy with her results. She was willing to get braces now…

…but wished they could somehow be less noticeable so that she wouldn’t look like her teenage grandkids. 

Because of this, Barbara went with Invisalign and was shocked at how easy the process was. Not only was the installation process quick and painless…

…but she was able to continue traveling and visiting family, all while her smile was being fixed.

Fourteen months of Invisalign treatment later… and Barbara has a lot to smile about!

Invisalign Before and After Case #2

Charles’ Invisalign Before-and-After Story

Charles was just starting high school when he first visited our office. He was already very aware of how his smile appeared in public—and he was truly dreading getting braces.

Charles’ parents knew that he needed his teeth fixed…

…and despite his objections…

…brought him in for a consultation.

As soon as Charles and his parents heard about Invisalign, they immediately wanted that option over all alternatives.

Invisalign was the perfect choice for Charles, because it would give him the tooth alignment and bite correction he needed, all without drawing any more attention to his appearance.

He could straighten his teeth and fix his smile without fear of being judged or mocked in school.

After eighteen months, Charles finally got his confident, healthy smile for life!

Charles got his perfect smile without having to worry about braces in his school photos, stressing about his appearance, or having to hide his smile.

Invisalign Before and After Case #3

Sophia’s Invisalign Before-and-After Story

It was Sophia’s mother who first brought her into Premier Orthodontics. She was really hoping we could help fix Sophia’s teeth and overbite.

What was the main concern?

Sophia had severe allergic reactions to metals, latex, and several other materials. Because of these sensitivities, braces were not an option for Sophia.

Other orthodontists had told them that it would be impossible to fix Sophia’s teeth without braces…

So, Sophia’s mom brought her in to our office as a last ditch effort, and to see if anything truly could be done without requiring metal or latex.

We recommended a hypoallergenic treatment option of metal-free Invisalign aligners, and non-latex elastics to help fix her bite.

Two years later Sophia got exactly the results she and her mother had been hoping for…

…all without any need for metal or latex to touch her teeth! Sophia’s case was not impossible.

Invisalign Before and After Case #4

Brent’s Invisalign Before-and-After Story

Brent had been wanting to fix his teeth for a while, but knew braces would be difficult to manage with his crazy work schedule. Six months out of the year, Brent lived out-of-state for his job.

He had been putting off treatment for a while, but decided he would come see us anyway, and see what options were actually available to someone with his schedule.

With Invisalign, Brent was able to check in remotely every couple of months to make sure things were on track.  He was still able to finish his treatment while being gone half of the year.

Brent was able to get a fantastic smile all while living thousands of miles away from our practice!

For Brent, braces wouldn’t have worked.

Invisalign made it possible to fix his bite without interrupting his work schedule.

Invisalign Before and After Case #5

These are just five examples of Invisalign before-and-after pictures. As of this article, thousands of patients have been treated with Invisalign at Premier Orthodontics…

…and after helping thousands of patients here in Arizona, there are very few patients that can’t be treated successfully in our practice with Invisalign!

Getting a perfect smile with Invisalign is the first step…

…the next step is keeping that perfect smile for life! How do you keep it? Retainers!

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