can invisalign fix deep bites

Can Invisalign Fix Deep Bites?

By Dr. Tyler Coles – Premier Orthodontics

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You’ve probably heard of deep bites…but do you actually know what they are? . . . and whether Invisalign can fix them?

In this article we’ll define deep bites and explain how you can tell if you have one, and then answer whether Invisalign can fix mild and moderate deep bites.

We’ll show you actual before and after photos of patients who received deep bite correction so you can see for yourself how Invisalign works on deep bites.

What is a Deep Bite?

Before we talk about how to fix deep bites with Invisalign, let’s first define what deep bite bite is.

A deep bite (sometimes referred to as a deep overbite) refers to the top teeth excessively overlapping the bottom teeth. This picture is a good example.

can invisalign fix deep bites

You may be wondering what “excessively overlapping” means – well generally speaking an “ideal overbite” is when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth by about 2 mm.  

This image is a good example of an ideal overbite:

can invisalign fix deep bites

So anytime a bite overlaps by more than 2 mm, orthodontists consider that to be  a deep bite or deep overbite.

Why Are Deep Bites A Problem?

You may be curious why orthodontists consider a deep bite such a problem.  The real problem with a deep overbite is that over time a deep bite can damage the teeth.

As you can see in the animation below, if you have a deep bite, you will put excessive wear and tear on the front teeth.  This can lead to damage, chipping, and the need for expensive restorative dental treatments. 

Now, a deep bite is a common bite that orthodontists fix all the time with braces...  

But how we choose to fix the deep bite will depend on how severe the bite problem is.

Can Invisalign Fix a Mild Deep Bite?

If a patient has only a mild deep bite, the patient may be able to be treated with just standard Invisalign aligners without any additional attachments or appliances.

The Invisalign aligners can be programmed to apply forces to the teeth that can intrude front teeth and open the bite – as you can see in this animation here.

Can Invisalign Fix a Moderate Deep Bite?

For patients that have a more moderate to severe deep bite, we may need to use some additional appliances, such as Invisalign bite ramps, or elastics.

This patient here is a good example of a patient with a moderate deep bite that would benefit from Invisalign bite ramps.

can invisalign fix deep bites
can invisalign fix deep bites

Invisalign bite ramps are small triangle shaped ramps that are placed on the Invisalign aligner behind the front teeth.  When the Invisalign aligners are worn, these bite ramps cause the back teeth to be separated by a small amount; and over time, the back teeth will gradually drift together.

Invisalign bite ramps

We’ll show in this animation how bite ramps work with braces, the process with Invisalign is very similar.  By placing bite ramps on the Invisalign aligners and allowing the back teeth to drift together, this is usually all that you need to correct a deep bite. 

These bite ramps are placed on the Invisalign aligners, and generally will be on for the majority of the treatment. 

With the patient we showed earlier, you can see that with the Invisalign aligners and the Invisalign bite ramps we were able to correct her deep overbite and aligner her teeth.  

can invisalign fix deep bites
can invisalign fix deep bites
Can Invisalign fix moderate deep bites
Can Invisalign fix moderate deep bites

This patient shown here is another Invisalign patient that would be considered more of a moderate to severe deep bite.  But, using just Invisalign and bite ramps, we were able to get her a fantastic results.  

Invisalign Deep Bite
Invisalign Deep Bite

Invisalign can correct about 90% of all deep bites. But there are certain types of severe deep bites that may be better treated by using braces or some other type of orthodontic appliance.  

If you think you or your child may need Invisalign to correct a deep bite, the best place to start is with a free consultation by an orthodontist in your area. 

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