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How Do You Know You Can Trust, 100%, In an Orthodontic Practice?

“Walking into the office felt just like walking into my home; an overall welcome atmosphere. The doctors are wonderful! My daughter just finished treatment and though she is ecstatic about her new smile, she is going to miss her appointments! If you need orthodontics don’t waste your time looking elsewhere!”

Jasmine | Mother of a Premier Orthodontics Patient

Who Can You Trust With Your Smile?

There are over 200 orthodontists in Phoenix… Unfortunately, your Google research won’t quite be enough to tell you who to trust (and who’s got the time, anyway??). Sure, the sniff test typically takes care of the really bad eggs, but the best place to start after that is by finding the orthodontic practice that’s known and recognized by other dental experts. So here’s a really important number… #1 In The Nation

The Smile Specialists of Premier Orthodontics were voted the  #1 Invisalign Doctors in North America.

Premier Orthodontics were named the #1 Invisalign provider in North America


But fancy awards aren’t enough. We know that. It needs to “feel right” when you walk in the door. This takes work, and real relationship-building. We take pride in doing the work and relationship-building as soon as you come in for the first time.
Actual patient in braces treated by Premier Orthodontics

Actual Patient of Premier Orthodontics

What We Do That Most Other Practices Don’t:

  • Flexible Appointment Times – We stay open late, get in early and even make last-minute scheduling changes to find an appointment time that works for you and your family.Due to the hectic weekdays most families have, we also offer regular Saturday appointments for your convenience.
  • Get Braces Fast (Without Compromising Quality) – You NEVER have to wait weeks or months between a consultation and getting braces.In most cases, you can choose to start braces the same day as your consultation!
  • Payment Plans For Every Situation – We have options as low as $97/month, and to make sure you’re getting long-term value from your treatment at Premier Orthodontics, we offer a lifetime guarantee on braces and Invisalign – No Questions Asked.


We know why you usually dread going to the dentist. The receptionist behind closed glass. The sign-in sheet that looks a mile long. The cramped waiting room without enough seats… After 20-30 minutes, you start wondering if they remember you’re here…! That’s why our entire customer process is built to do the opposite of that. When you are in any of our 7 Premier Orthodontics locations, you will never get that typical dentist office dread. Plus, kids and adults alike absolutely love our facilities! Check out our patient reception rooms at a few of our offices —
Reception area at our Premier Orthodontics of Phoenix location
Gaming area at our Premier Orthodontics of Phoenix office.
Gaming area at our Premier Orthdontics of Casa Grande office

You and your family can also expect…

 Free Cookies  Free Coffee  Free Bottled Water  iPad Gaming Stations

…and free ICEE’s! (With mom’s permission of course)

Each Office Has Game Stations for Kids

Enjoy a Fresh Baked Cookie At Your Next Appointment

Finish Your Appointment With a Free ICEE!

Virtually No Wait Times!

But don’t worry — our amazing reception area isn’t offered to be a distraction from long wait times. We make it a top priority to have virtually NO WAIT TIMES EVER! Most patients can expect to be out in 15 minutes or less. It’ll take you longer to get an oil change than to complete your orthodontic appointment…how about that!?

Was there for like 10 minutes and they were already done. They are so fast and are so friendly! Not to mention the cookies 😉

★★★★★ Matthew | Patient at Premier Orthodontics


Speaking of oil changes and car repairs, we know that life happens…and usually at the most inopportune moments. We plan ahead for that (and for the sports games, school awards nights and other work commitments), by offering:
  • Early Morning Appointments
  • Evening Appointments
  • Saturday Appointments

At your initial consultation, ask about our “Braces or Invisalign Without Missing School or Work Guarantee!”


Now you might be wondering what the greater Phoenix community thinks about what we do… Premier Orthodontics is 5-star rated at all 7 locations, with over 1,200 5-Star Google Reviews from patients who couldn’t be happier about their braces! Read below to learn how we helped a few patients find their perfect smile —
Actual patient of Premier Orthodontics treated with braces
We are having our fourth child treated at Premier Orthodontics now and I couldn’t be more pleased! The staff is super friendly, which is a great plus with my anxious daughter. The environment is relaxing with plenty of things to do for those who may be waiting. Easy payment plans was also a benefit for us.

Rebecca – Maricopa, AZ

Actual patient of Premier Orthodontics treated with braces
Almost out of my braces at age 32 and just got my son started yesterday! I love Premier Orthodontics!!! Their staff is friendly and more like family, nothing but great things to say about them. My son was comfortable and happy with his first experience. I am so thankful I found the best place for us.

Maria – Phoenix, AZ

Actual patient of Premier Orthodontics treated with Invisalign
AMAZING!!! The staff is incredibly friendly and eager to answer all questions. Walking into the office felt just like walking into my home; an overall welcoming atmosphere. The doctors are wonderful! My daughter just finished treatment and though she is ecstatic about her new smile, she is going to miss her appointments! If you need orthodontics don’t waste your time looking elsewhere!

Jasmine – Chandler, AZ

Actual patient of Premier Orthodontics treated with Invisalign
The Premier Orthodontics’ doctors and staff made me feel comfortable each and every time I had a visit/checkup. They not only took good care of me but exceeded my expectations. I could not be more happier with the results and am so excited to show off my brand new smile. I would 100% recommend anyone looking for treatment to pay them a visit first.

Pascual – Casa Grande, AZ


As the #1 provider of pro-bono orthodontic treatment in the United States (over $600,000 in donated oral care each year)… …we firmly believe in making sure cost isn’t the barrier standing between a child and his or her ability to smile with confidence.

Since 2015, we’ve partnered with Smiles Changes Lives (SCL). SCL is an organization that finds the children who really need orthodontic treatment, but whose families cannot afford it.

They then match these kids with orthodontic providers who will provide the treatment for free.

Smiles Change Lives Logo
Our first year, we discovered there had been a 3-year waiting list of children in need… ...just in the Phoenix area alone! In the first week, we signed up every child on the list, brought them into our office and got them started with braces and a healthy and confident smile they deserved had been waiting for. Here was the response from a Smiles Change Lives representative:
Hi Dr. Coles, When I first opened your email I started tearing up.  I have been with Smiles for over 2 years now and I have been in charge of the Arizona area. The wait time for your area has always been around 36 months and it’s such a long wait for our families and the children that have been constantly in pain and bulled waiting for us to help them. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for you joining our program and eliminating this wait in the Phoenix area. Thank you! Brooke – Smiles Change Lives
This isn’t to toot our own horn, but to show you how much we truly care about the individual and their care. Too many dental practices, even ones with customer recommendations and credible degrees, are obsessed with the bottom line and profit margins. That’s just not us. We’re a people-oriented orthodontic practice – the business side will always take care of itself.

Here Are a Few Of The Kids We’ve Helped Through The Smiles Change Lives Program

Smiles Change Lives patient treated with braces
Smiles Change Lives patient treated with braces
Smiles Change Lives patient treated with braces
Smiles Change Lives patient treated with braces
Smiles Change Lives patient treated with braces
Smiles Change Lives patient treated with braces

Premier Orthodontics is the #1 Provider of Donated Orthodontic Care in the Nation

Premier Orthodontics was the #1 Smiles Change Lives Providers in the nation
Because of the incredible, community-minded work we do, word has spread fast. The Arizona Cardinals have partnered with Premier Orthodontics in sponsoring and supporting several of our SCL community events.
Dr. Dustin Coles with two members of the Arizona Cardinals
Two members of the Arizona Cardinals at our Smiles Change Lives Event

We’ve even personally treated three members of the Arizona Cardinals with Invisalign!

Aaron Francisco, member of the Arizona Cardinals and patient of Premier Orthodontics

Aaron Francisco #47 DB

Elie Bouka, member of the Arizona Cardinals and patient at Premier Orthodontics

Elie Bouka #30 DB

Ifeanyi Momah, member of the Arizona Cardinals and patient at Premier Orthodontics

Ifeanyi Momah #80 TE

Our support of local sports teams also extends to the high school, middle school and youth league levels, along with many other key community organizations. Not only do we sponsor teams, but we offer FREE mouth guards to all youth athletes playing sports in Maricopa and Pinal County. Click Here to learn more about Premier Orthodontics free mouth guard program.


Premier Orthodontics sponsors local sports team Arizona Gilbert Soccer Club


Even if getting braces isn’t impossible for you financially, we know families have budgets that only stretch so far… It is never our goal (or our desire) for you to have to break the bank to pay for you or your child’s treatment – a treatment that you never want to delay.  Realistically, we know that many will make your final decisions based on cost. So at Premier Orthodontics, we:
  • Provide 100% free consultation for braces or Invisalign
  • Accept virtually all insurances
  • Provide interest-free financing plans for braces or Invisalign
  • Help families pay for braces with payment plans starting at $97 per month

We don’t offer the cheapest braces or Invisalign treatment in the country, or even in Arizona, but we’re committed to a level of excellence… …backed by our #1 National ranking… …you won’t find anywhere else. To add to the value of our incredible service, we make you a promise unmatched by most orthodontics practices:

With Our Platinum Plan, We Offer a 100%, No-Exceptions Lifetime Guarantee

If you ever need another adjustment done while your braces or Invisalign are on, for any reason, we will do it without charging you a penny. Even after we take your braces or Invisalign off, any unexpected shifts in your teeth you experience will be treated by us for free: 100% guaranteed. Our team of teeth specialists are so confident that we’ll do it right the first time, that we have no problem making this promise. This is a guarantee you won’t find from those “cheaper” offers…though cheaper in the short term only makes for more expensive in the long run if anything goes wrong.  And it is your teeth – one of the used and valuable parts of your body – that we’re talking about.


Premier Orthodontics worked with me as a single parent to find a payment plan I could afford. The dream of beautiful smiles for me and my kids was always out of reach before we went to Premier Orthodontics!

– J.D.

Absolutely love them. They helped my granddaughter have a beautiful smile and she is more confident than ever. Thank you so very much.

– M.L.

Premier Orthodontics is THE BEST place to take kids. They know you by name, they are friendly, efficient and so great with nervous kids. I highly recommend you checking this place out!

– W.B.

Overall amazing experience. I love how attentive they are. It seems in the days when customer service has been forgotten this office really gets it.

– N.H.

Google “Premier Orthodontics of Arizona” and see hundreds more 5-star reviews from all of our locations!


Your first visit is FREE and takes 45 minutes or less. At your first visit you will receive:

  • An Exam for Braces or Invisalign With a Free Digital X-ray (A $250 Value)
  • A Comprehensive Tooth and Bite Analysis to Identify Any Growth & Development Concerns, Jaw Joint Issues, or Tooth Alignment Problems
  • Expert Treatment Recommendations & Diagnosis
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