Orthodontic Treatment Changed My Life – Amber’s Story

Amber comes from a big family (the oldest of ten kids!).

She is 19 years old and works as a hostess/server. Her family knew she had some bite problems and brought her into our office for an orthodontic evaluation.

We discovered that Amber had a severe underbite and an open bite

At the time of the evaluation, she was biting down on only three of her teeth. This was due to the fact that she had a  pronounced lower jaw and a retrusive upper jaw. 

Her lower jaw extended past her top one, making it so that the teeth could never touch when she closed her mouth.

Orthognathic Surgery (Jaw Surgery) Was Recommended

After evaluating the situation, we determined that a combination of braces and orthognathic surgery would be the best treatment option for Amber. 

At first, Amber and her family were a little overwhelmed with the prospect of having jaw surgery.

This was entirely understandable—no one ever wants to hear the ‘s‘ word in any doctor’s office.  But they hadn’t realized the severity of the bite problems when they’d first brought her in.  

In order to answer all the questions and concerns the family might have, we referred Amber to AZ Max Oral Surgery for a consultation. Here they would learn more about the procedure and the many benefits that would come from going through with it. 

After their consultation Amber began orthodontic treatment at our office. We worked with AZ Max Oral Surgery to coordinate her orthodontic treatment and her orthognathic surgery in a way that was manageable for the family. 

Orthognathic Surgery is Completed

Amber had braces for about 18 months before having jaw surgery.

The photos below are after a few months of healing after her surgery. Her teeth and jawline had already changed dramatically! Amber absolutely loved how she looks and how much better her bite feels. 

Amber went from biting on only a handful of teeth to being able to finally have a healthy bite. The surgery also had profound changes to her profile.

The Final Treatment Results

Amber is now finished with braces and as you image  – she can’t stop smiling!

“When I saw my before and after photos it was a ‘wow’ moment. It’s been so much fun to see my co-workers and all my friends’ response when they see my results!”

Amber was nervous about her surgery leading up to the date of the procedure, but now that it’s over she feels so blessed that she went ahead with the treatment.

Benefits of Orthognathic Surgery

Patients that have severe bite problems similar to Amber’s can benefit from a combination of braces and orthognathic surgery.  Not only will this improve how their teeth and profile look, it also can reduce other health risks, such as:

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Swallowing, chewing, or biting difficulties
  • TMJ pain and headache
  • Tooth damage due to a traumatic bite
  • Dry mouth and chronic mouth breathing
  • Meeting of lips without straining


We are grateful that Amber let us share her story. By having her story be told, she hopes that she can help others who have similar bite problems. She hopes that those in her shoes will also have the courage to go through with treatment and improve their smiles.

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