How much do braces cost in Phoenix Arizona

What is the Cost of Braces in Phoenix, Arizona?

The majority of people looking for an orthodontist in phoenix will wonder: “How much do braces cost in Phoenix, Arizona?

Without knowing the specifics of each person’s case it’s difficult to provide an answer that is universal… 

.. but in this article we’ll try to outline more about the cost of braces in Phoenix, Arizona. This will include the things to watch out for and the questions you need to ask.

What Influences the Cost of Braces in Phoenix, Arizona?

The cost of braces in Phoenix and Invisalign in Phoenix can be be affect by many factors, including:

  • If the braces treatment will be simple or difficult
  • If any additional orthodontic appliances are needed 
  • The approximate amount of time it takes to finish the task?

…it is also important to consider the experience and knowledge of any orthodontist when picking your doctor.

Premier Orthodontics Braces and Invisalign Pricing

the cost of metal braces

Metal Braces

As Low As


Add $650 For Bite Correction
Payment Plans Starting at $79/month

the cost of clear braces

Clear Braces

As Low As


Add $650 For Bite Correction
Payment Plans Starting at $89/month

the cost of invisalign


As Low As


Add $650 For Bite Correction
Payment Plans Starting at $97/month

The pricing shown above is an estimate only. The actual cost of your treatment will be determined at your consultation appointment.

If you have orthodontic insurance plan your out-of-pocket will vary based on your insurance contracted fee schedule, and your down payment and monthly payment may be different.

Schedule your free orthodontic consultation to get customized Invisalign and braces pricing and payment plan.

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What Influences the Cost of Braces in Phoenix, Arizona?

At Premier Orthodontics of Phoenix our pricing allows us to provide the most effective orthodontic treatment, plus the best experience for patients…

…without sacrificing the quality of service.

The members of our orthodontic team in Phoenix, Arizona are highly trained to give you the highest quality results from orthodontic treatment. We will not accept anything less. 

Our aim is to provide braces of the highest quality, yet still be affordable!

When considering the long-term costs of braces, is crucial to keep in mind:

  • Gum disease may be avoided by those who have well-aligned, straight teeth as well as an ideal bite.


  • A well-balanced bite and healthy jaws can lower the risk of developing jaw joint issues that can interfere with sleep and cause headaches


  • Adults and children who smile are often happier about themselves. This can boost confidence in themselves and maintain their emotional and mental wellbeing.


  • Adults who have straighter teeth are more likely to be hired than someone who has similar qualifications, but with non straight teeth.

Braces can be one of the most beneficial investments you can make for your health and in the health of your teeth.

Teeth aren’t something that you want to correct halfway….

…and the most affordable orthodontist might not be the best choice for your smile or long-term health.

Your Bite May Affect the Cost of Braces in Phoenix

Braces do more than just straighten your teeth. . . they also help to give you a healthy bite for life.

A well-maintained bite will not just make your appearance better but also keeps your teeth from getting damaged in the future.

If you require a bite correction Braces and Invisalign costs will increase by $500.

What exactly is bite correction? Why is it more costly?

If you or your child are suffering from one of the bite issues listed below…

…it’s likely that you’ll need to fix your bite.

Correction of a bite that isn’t perfect is more challenging and may require more appointments. Also, the total treatment may take longer.

An orthodontic appliance is typically needed for correcting bites. A device to correct bite could comprise an expander or forsus springs or an herb-appliance.  

Our pricing for braces with bite correction was created to provide our patients with the best results possible with a healthy and stable bite. 

Straightening teeth and not correcting the bite can result in…

  • The jaw joint is susceptible to future problems
  • Tooth damage
  • Teeth that protrude too far
  • Your teeth are more prone to getting crooked once more.


It’s always best to get it right the first time just once!

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The Cost of Braces at Premier Orthodontics of Phoenix
Compared to Other Options

There are numerous options for braces in Phoenix and the prices can differ significantly. 

The table below will assist you understand the different options between your options (including mail-order aligners, braces in Mexico, braces at a dental school, braces with a general dentist, or braces with another office in town) and help you understand why the prices might be different, we made the following table. 

Mail Order Aligner Companies Braces / Invisalign in Mexico Braces / Invisalign at a Dental School Braces / Invisalign With a General Dentist Braces / Invisalign With Other Orthodontists Offices in Town Braces / Invisalign With Premier Orthodontics
Your treatment is overseen by a doctor cross check1 check1 check1 check1 check1
Bite Correction is provided in addition to straightening teeth cross cross check1 so check1 check1
Treatment provided by a licensed orthodontist cross cross cross cross check1 check1
Fast efficient treatment provided by highly trained orthodontists and staff cross cross cross cross check1 check1
No hidden fees for emergency appointments or finance charge cross cross cross cross so check1
Offers before & after school appointments cross cross cross cross so check1
Treatment cost includes first retainer cross cross cross cross so check1

Getting braces or Invisalign in Phoenix for you or your child’s smile is an investment you get to enjoy for life! Always remember to keep the life-long health benefits in mind when determining what you are willing to pay for braces.

We understand that this decision shouldn’t be made lightly – and that’s why we offer 100% Free consultations.

At your free consultation you’ll have the opportunity to see our office, have a smile consultation and exam with our doctor, even get a customized treatment plan. Our treatment coordinator will go over all your payment and financing options to find a plan that fits comfortably into your budget for braces or Invisalign.

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