Affordable Braces in Maricopa, AZ

Are you looking for affordable braces in Maricopa, AZ?

Then you’re in luck! 

Whether you’re looking for metal or clear braces in Maricopa, AZ – this guide will walk you through how to find an affordable orthodontist that fits in your budget.

Maricopa orthodontists - Dr. Dustin and Tyler Coles

Finding an Orthodontist that has Affordable Financing Options for Braces in Maricopa, AZ

Most offices in Maricopa, AZ will offer monthly payment plans for braces. At Premier Orthodontics of Maricopa we have monthly payment plans that start as low as $79/month!

At Premier Orthodontics in Maricopa, we believe that everyone should have a straight and healthy smile. So we offer interest-free affordable payment plans on braces that can fit most anyone’s budget.

The total cost of braces in Maricopa, AZ may vary, but we strive to help every find a braces payment plan that fits their needs.

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How Do I Know If I'm Getting a Good Price for Braces in Maricopa?

Picking an orthodontist for braces in Maricopa or Invisalign in Maricopa, AZ is a decision that should be made with care…

…there are plenty of hidden factors you should consider before making your final decision.

To learn more about the cost of braces in Maricopa, click here.

Here is what you need to know about choosing an orthodontist for braces in Maricopa, AZ. 

Make sure that the orthodontist has experience and expertise when it comes to providing quality care.

It’s important to pick an orthodontist who has a good track record of successful treatments. It’s also important to evaluate patient reviews posted online — this will provide you with a better understanding of the office’s overall professionalism and customer service. 

Maricopa orthodontists - Dr. Dustin and Tyler Coles

Dr. Dustin Coles and Dr. Tyler Coles

…the orthodontists at Premier Orthodontics in Maricopa…

…started Premier Orthodontics in Maricopa nearly 20 years ago.

They have helped over 10,000 braces patients in Maricopa get a spectacular smile!

But don’t just take our word for it – check out a few of our patient reviews.

Premier Orthodontics in Maricopa Patient Reviews

rebecca bailin - maricopa orthdontist patients

We are having our fourth child treated at Premier Orthodontics now and I couldn't be more pleased! The staff is super friendly, which is a great plus with my anxious daughter. The environment is relaxing with plenty of things to do for those who may be waiting. Easy payment plans was also a benefit for us.

Karalea Fried - maricopa orthodontist patient

Staff is friendly and helpful. My child was so nervous at the very first appt. but the ortho tech was so gentle and took their time that the nerves are no longer a factor for any other appointments. Excellent place i highly recommend them. I will even be getting an assessment on my teeth for Invisalign.

christy marie - maricopa orthodontist patient

My daughter is 9 and she had braces put on here at Premier Orthodontics. They were friendly, caring, nice and attentive and I can’t say enough good things about them. They have payment options to make braces and other things more affordable and being a single mom that’s a godsend. Thank you Premier Orthodontics!

JamesandChanin Carr maricopa orthodontist patient

My son is being treated here with braces and the orthodontist at Premier is great. He is genuinely kind and cares about his comfort level. This place seems to be the place in town to get braces as we always seem to see someone we know when we're there. Overall, as a parent I am happy with my purchase. My son's teeth have improved so much since he had his braces placed.

mrs suarez - maricopa orthodontist patient

Traveling from Yuma to Maricopa JUST for my girl's braces is definitely worth the drive. The staff is ALWAYS fantastic and they treat you like family. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Elena Reyes - maricopa orthodontist patient

Incredible results so far for my husband using Invisalign, thank you for helping him be more confident in his smile already. The staff is professional and friendly and always willing to work with my husbands busy Schedule! We have two kiddos needing braces soon and I will not go any where else!

Fe Fe - maricopa orthdodontist patient

The best orthodontist ever!! They make you feel at home! They offer fun treats and make you feel comfortable in their office! My daughter is getting so much confidence with every visit and can't wait for the end results!

Shaylanew - maricopa orthodontist patient

Great experience with great options. I have super sensitive teeth and although normal discomfort for that occurred, there was never any intense amount throughout my time here.

Amanda Allen - maricopa orthodontist patient

I love Premier Orthodontics! I LOVE my smile now. All the staff and the Doctors are so friendly and accommodating to the concerns I had. Loved my experience from start to finish!

Award Winning Braces in Maricopa, AZ

Dr. Dustin and Tyler Coles have also been recognized nationally for excellence in orthodontic care.  They were awarded the Invisalign Case Shootout Award and was voted the top Invisalign doctor in North America.

Premier Orthodontists Voted #1 Top Invisalign Doctors in Chandler and Phoenix,, Arizona

Check out a few before and after braces patients from our Maricopa, AZ office!

Before and After Braces in Maricopa, AZ

Overbite braces in chandler patient

Premier Orthodontics of Maricopa’s goal is to provide world-class braces in Maricopa, AZ at a price you can comfortably afford.  Learn more about the price of braces in Maricopa, AZ here.

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Affordable Braces in Maricopa, AZ Without Sacrificing Patient Care or Patient Experience

Finding affordable braces in Maricopa, AZ doesn’t have to be difficult! 

To get started with your braces in Maricopa, AZ, schedule a free consultation with our online scheduling tool, or call us at 480-361-4600. Your first appointment is 100% free and is your chance to meet us, ask questions, and learn more about getting started.

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