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Does Invisalign REALLY Work?

You may remember the original Nintendo game system, the first of its kind. Most nostalgically, remember the constant problems and maintenance these units required. Whether it was blowing dust from the cartridge, replacing controllers, or wiggling the cables, it took some effort to make these things work. While many remember and appreciate the original Nintendo gaming system, very few still use the console today.

Braces are much the same. They were the original method of straightening teeth. While they are like the original Nintendo console, they still work. Now there are new and updated methods for straightening teeth that have dramatically changed how people straighten them.

invisalign in carefree az

Modern Technology Has Changed Braces

Invisalign in Carefree, AZ, is a computer designed, plastic aligner that, like braces, can straighten your teeth and correct your bite. Using Invisalign, A properly trained and experienced orthodontist can gradually move your teeth into the proper position without the need of metal braces.

With Invisalign in Carefree, AZ, patients will usually wear an aligner for about 1 week, then the next aligner, then the next, incrementally moving the teeth into position over time. Well over 4 million people have used Invisalign and this number increases every single day. It is now thoroughly proven safe and effective and, in many cases, faster than braces.

The Invisalign specialist determines the exact, customized treatment plan for you or your child. They schedule and make any needed modifications throughout the entire process. Even though technology has advanced, it’s not a replacement for the experience, expertise, care and artistry of the skilled orthodontist. Everyone with a smartphone now owns a camera, but this doesn’t necessarily make everyone an expert in photography.  
A truly professional photographer will still produce higher quality, better looking image with a level of artistry than the average smartphone user can’t replicate.

Does Invisalign in Carefree AZ REALLY Work?

You may have heard years ago from doctors, dentists, or friends that “Invisalign doesn’t work” or maybe you heard that “it didn’t work for me”. The Invisalign system was first created in 1998 and patients were elated! Finally, a “metal-free” option for straitening your smile. The problem was, that most doctors weren’t accustom to using it and the first version of the product was less than predictable. Due to the inconsistent experience of the doctor and the newness of the product, Invisalign had a reputation for only working, “some of the time”. 

Due to patient demand, advancements in technology, and additional training, Invisalign has now become the largest orthodontic company in the world.

Invisalign in Carefree, AZ, is a preferred treatment appliance used by over 20,000 orthodontists with over 4 million patients benefiting from its use. Today, Invisalign is doctor recommended, patient accepted and parent approved! 

If Invisalign didn’t work, looked bad or was uncomfortable, you can be sure that it wouldn’t

still be around, let alone leading-the-dental field. Many patients using Invisalign were once those not wanting any kind of orthodontic treatment. They weren’t willing to put up with the appearance and discomfort associated with braces. With millions of people who have tried or are currently using the Invisalign product today, the results speak for themselves: INVISALIGN WORKS.

Why Should I Choose Invisalign Instead of Braces?

Discomfort, long appointments, emergency appointments, and appearance are just a few of the complaints people have about metal braces. Invisalign changes everything. With new 3d technology Invisalign specialists can scan your teeth, make a digital clone on a computer, and virtually move your teeth. With this current technology, your treatment plan is designed and crafted on the computer before you receive your aligners. This means no more long, tedious appointments staring at the ceiling in a dental chair.

Invisalign doesn’t interfere with your life. In addition to being nearly invisible, there are no dietary restrictions, broken appliances or the discomforts normally associated with braces. Oral hygiene problems are avoided and those participating in sports, singing, or playing a musical instrument aren’t affected a single bit.

How Do I Choose the Right Invisalign Doctor?

Keep in mind, Invisalign in Carefree, AZ, is not in a box or off a shelf. It is a 100% customized system made for each patient, along with your orthodontist’s customized treatment plan. The orthodontist designs the end result and the day-by-day process for you or your child. You want an experienced orthodontist not someone learning on the job, while working on your teeth!

You only get to make the right choice, once. The results of this choice will ultimately determine the appearance and health of your smile, plus, the self-confidence that comes along with it. Having treated over 15,000 patients in Arizona , there’s not much the Invisalign specialists of Premier Orthodontics haven’t seen. Premier Orthodontics was named a Top 1% Invisalign provider. This means that they have treated and continue to treat more Invisalign patients that 99% of the orthodontists in the nation. When you can in life, you should opt for experience.

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