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A Risk Not Worth Taking

In today’s digitally-driven society, in which the Internet acts as an unchecked source of all types of information and misinformation, new trends may spread with lightning speed, particularly among gullible young people who are impressionable to the many things they may see online.

From swallowing pods of detergent, to waist-trainers that dangerously subject women to a health threatening compression of the abdominal organs with the goal of “sculpting a waistline,” we’ve seen far too many trends that can go south rather quickly thanks to the many dangers they pose to health and safety.

Youth have been convinced by random, amateur YouTube “stars” to perform countless ridiculously outlandish acts that can potentially cause serious damage to the body in exchange for Likes and followers. Inconceivable ideas, such as attaching stickers onto one’s eyeballs, potentially causing blindness; or attempting to pierce one’s own noses, lips or other body parts (ouch!) can lead to life-threatening infections, and this type of reckless and foolish behavior has already produced numerous disastrous consequences. One of these alarmingly dangerous trends is the new DIY Braces in Casa Grande, AZ trend.

diy braces in casa grande az

What Exactly Are DIY Braces in Casa Grande, AZ?

braces in casa grande

A series of video tutorials have emerged on online platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest recommending “life hacks” for saving money by bypassing proper medical care. DIY Braces in Casa Grande, AZ, fall under this category, and youth have been promoting the use of rubber bands, such as those normally used to gather the ends of hair braids, as “gap bands,” using them to tie teeth together in an attempt to eliminate dental gaps. These individuals who are recommending this practice, many of them teenagers and youth, have no dental or orthodontic training whatsoever.

Are DIY Braces in Casa Grande, AZ Safe?

Absolutely not! The biggest danger associated with this practice is the failure to consider the extensive training and education that orthodontists receive in order to understand the workings of the human teeth and jaw, and the correct amount of pressure that must be applied in each circumstance to move or straighten teeth safely and successfully. An orthodontist is typically required to study for as long as 10 years in order to become a qualified and licensed specialist, usually dedicating 2 to 3 years specifically to the study of orthodontics in order to learn and understand how to safely move and straighten teeth.

In fact, even professionally trained dentists who do not undergo the specific and rigorous training required of orthodontists would not recommend something as far-fetched as “gap bands” that can lead to any number of complications and health hazards. 

Yet a handful of kids with no training whatsoever profess to be experts at correcting serious malocclusions using everyday rubber bands. The dangers of children or teens being influenced by this quackery and taking up this perilous practice include possible infection, tooth loss, and potentially irreparable damage to the teeth and bones. In some cases, complications could lead to the need for more intensive orthodontic treatment than what was originally required. In the most extreme cases, the damage done could even require correction through oral surgery, which in the long run, will end up costing thousands more than the original “savings” touted in those YouTube videos.  

In fact, this practice has become so menacing and widespread, and poses such a danger to uninformed youth, that the American Association of Orthodontists has issued a warning to alert individuals against the dangerous and senseless practice of DIY braces!

Why DIY Braces Cause Further Orthodontic Problems

The movement of teeth is a precise and delicate science that requires thorough understanding, as well as specific diagnostic tools such as digital x-rays to help the orthodontist evaluate the condition of the underlying bone tissue. If teeth are pressured to shift from their position too quickly, or following the wrong path, this may cause a gradual breakdown in the root tissue of the teeth, potentially causing the roots to actually disintegrate, causing the teeth to fall out. Additionally, DIY braces in Casa Granda, AZ, may also give rise to issues such as jaw clenching, muscle spasms, shooting pain, and permanent damage to the jaw joint, among other issues.

Even in individuals who don’t end up actually losing their teeth, there remains a high risk of permanent damage to the teeth, roots, and soft gum tissue, as well as potential damage to the underlying bone, all of which may result in damage to the appearance as well as the functionality of your teeth. Risks also include: unhealthy wearing down of the teeth, pain, and the formation of new malocclusions or gaps as a consequence of teeth being moved improperly.

The worst of these dangers is not only the increased expense of having to repair self-inflicted damage, but also the emotional trauma of damaging your own teeth, your oral health, and your smile.

Making Orthodontic Care Accessible and Affordable

If the cost of orthodontic care feels like it may be too much for you and your family to afford, and is keeping you from seeking proper, professional care, talk to the staff at your local orthodontist’s office to discuss ways to finance your treatment so that it may become more affordable. Several dental insurance plans may cover at least a portion of the cost of braces in Casa Granda, AZ, and many orthodontists are willing to work out a payment plan with their patients for long-term orthodontic treatment such as braces or Invisalign. 

Another option is to apply for a third-party financing plan such as Care Credit™ that you can use to cover the cost of orthodontic care. Care credit provides the option of paying off the balance of your expenses without interest if you follow a prescribed modest payment plan. 

Get creative!

Using an online fundraising platform may also garner a substantial amount toward your orthodontic treatment costs if you publicize it properly on your social media accounts, targeting potential donors who can afford to contribute. Keep your eyes on the prize, and never forget the motto: Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Never let the cost of a treatment or procedure prevent you from seeking professional help, and by all means, don’t ever consider the option of taking such a serious matter as orthodontic care into your own hands. Remember that the potential cost of complications caused by DIY Braces in Casa Grande, AZ, and other forms of “self-help dentistry” to your health and appearance may mean not only increased economic expenses, but also the emotional, physical, and psychological damage that you will be doing to yourself by damaging your precious teeth

You and your smile are worth every penny you may have to spend on proper, professional orthodontic care, and only a skilled orthodontist can help you achieve the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve. Don’t settle for anything less than the best!

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