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If you read about traditional braces and want to explore other options, you’re in the right place. Ceramic braces are often a great option for those who want more comfort and would like their braces to seem less obvious.

The idea for clear braces became popular in the 1980s. Unfortunately, back then the brackets were made of a type of plastic, which is porous and they ended up staining fairly easily. These days, a ceramic composite is used that rarely stains and is as sturdy and reliable as metal brackets are.

The Good:

  • Ceramic braces are strong and don’t typically get damaged. If you take good care of them, they will take good care of your teeth.
  • Ceramic brackets blend in with your teeth, so they’re very subtle.
  • Ceramic braces tend to be more comfortable than metal braces.

The Bad:

  • Depending on your unique mouth and what treatment you need, your orthodontist may not recommend ceramic braces.
  • Ceramic brackets are slightly larger than metal brackets, but most patients don’t mind because they blend in with your teeth.

Ceramic braces generally come in two shades: one for people with very white teeth, and one for people with less white teeth. Generally speaking, they are a sturdy, comfortable, and effective treatment option for many patients.

Now What?

Our mission is to create spectacular smiles for you and your loved ones. Though there is a lot of information about braces that I encourage you to research, you can find a great deal of it here, whether you choose Premier Orthodontics or not!

Here are a few ways you can learn more if you’re in Arizona.

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