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Braces in Arrowhead, AZ: More Than Straight Teeth

5 Ways Your Smile Can Impact Your Life

Braces in Arrowhead, AZ As An Adult?

Studies have shown that 1 in 4 orthodontic patients are above the age of 18. The number of adults seeking to straighten their teeth through either braces or Invisalign has increased by 16 percent in recent years. While some assume that braces are “just for kids” the numbers show that more and more adults are now choosing to get orthodontic treatment for themselves.


A few reasons why some adults are choosing to get braces in Arrowhead, AZ include:

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Improved Health

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Prevention of excessive tooth wear

Decreased risk of headaches

Increased personal and business success

Improved self-esteem and confidence

More Than Just Straight Teeth

Some adults can and do get by without a straight and healthy smile. In fact, you’ve probably seen comedians and movies making fun of the British and their famously bad teeth. But the truth is, living with misaligned teeth and an unhealthy bite can cause some serious dental and general health issues that are no laughing matter.

Teeth that are crowded, excessively spaced, rotated, or misaligned can create challenges to proper hygiene. Poor oral hygiene can lead to both dental and general health problems.  Individuals with crowded or misaligned teeth are at higher risk for:    

Tooth Decay

Gum Disease

Bad Breath

Increased personal and business success

Improved self-esteem and confidence

Heart Disease

“Getting By” With Crooked Teeth May Get Even More Expensive

Adults often put off fixing their teeth and bite to avoid the cost of treatment. This decision, while in the short term may seem to save money, could come with even higher long-term costs.

Adults with visible smile problems associated with misaligned teeth and an unhealthy bite may also have unseen problems including night-time grinding, clenching, and excessive wear and tear on their teeth. What appears to be a small bite problem early on may lead to irreversible bite and tooth damage. These problems, when left unchecked, may require time-consuming and costly dental procedures including:

  • Gum surgery
  • Root canals
  • Bone grafts and dental implants
  • Cosmetic dental procedures

Tooth and bite problems can be corrected at nearly any age. While they are best treated early in life, by correcting them as an adult you may be saving yourself from years of expensive and painful dental procedures later in life.

An Unhealthy Bite Can Be a Pain in the Neck (or in the head)

There are certain tooth and bite relationships that can cause chronic headaches and neck pain. While not every type of headache is caused by a bad bite, there are many adults living with chronic headaches or migraines caused by tooth or bite problems.

A balanced and stable bite not only looks better but also functions better.

Uneven or unstable bites can cause muscle soreness in the jaw and neck, pain and tenderness in the jaw joints, and even ear pain.

These symptoms may not be present when young but can pop up later in life during times of high stress or anxiety. The bottom line is, a healthy smile and bite is anything but “just cosmetic”.

Let’s Face It – First Impressions Matter

Like it or not, appearance matters. Individuals with straight teeth are 45% more likely to get a job than someone with similar qualifications and crooked teeth. One third of Americans indicate that a person’s smile is the first thing that they notice and the facial characteristic that they remember most after meeting.

The way we look and present ourselves has a big impact on how we are perceived. Adults with straight teeth are 57% more likely get a date and are judged as being healthier, happier, and more trustworthy than those with crooked teeth.

While it’s true that looks aren’t everything, studies clearly show that adults with straight and healthy smile are at an advantage both professionally and personally.

Don’t Let Your Smile Hold You Back

Growing up with crooked teeth and a poor smile can have a big impact on children. Many kids suffer teasing and bullying that starts early in life and continues on through high school. Embarrassment, shyness, or poor self-esteem is far too common.

These self-esteem and self-image scars can often carry on into adult life. Feeling embarrassed and unhappy each time you look at the mirror can impact your confidence at important times in your life including…

Going to a job interview

Giving a presentation at work

Going on a date

Having a one-on-one conversation

… or just smiling in family photos

With record numbers of adults choosing orthodontic treatment, its clear that it’s never too late to make this investment in your health, your confidence, and your happiness.

There are comfortable, aesthetic, and nearly invisible treatment options available that fit any lifestyle. With orthodontic treatment becoming more affordable and multiple financing options available, there’s no reason to let your smile hold you back!

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