Please read what NFL Player, Aaron Francisco says about Premier Orthodontics below:

Dear Friend:

I think back to my days as a professional football player and recall some pretty amazing times. I was fortunate to be able to go to the Super Bowl as a member of both the Arizona Cardinals, and the Indianapolis Colts, and participate in the Pro Bowl. I realize that the success I’ve had was based on two very significant factors:

First, you must be disciplined and take decisive action with the goals you want to achieve. Nothing has come easy for me, I wasn’t drafted out of college, and I wasn’t given anything along the way. I had a goal, and I set out to achieve it no matter what.

Next, to reach high levels of success, you need to be a part of a great TEAM. I’ve been around some great people in multiple organizations, including some SUPERSTARS, and we only reached our goals working together.

I’m writing you because I’ve learned from the orthodontists at Premier Orthodontics that there’s a lot to learn about the importance of a Spectacular Smile. It is the foundation for exceptional oral health, and a great smile can help to shape your future.

If you feel you or your child needs help with your smile, I encourage you to take immediate and decisive action, and seek out the team of Superstars at Premier Orthodontics.

Wishing you all the best,

Aaron Francisco
NFL Player, Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Participant
Patient and Platinum Member at Premier Orthodontics

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